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    Performance Mile After Mile

    Open-road adventure awaits when you ride the Versys® 1000 SE LT+ motorcycle. Featuring state-of-the-art electronics and highest in-class comfort levels, if you’re looking for next-level adventure, you’ll find it aboard the Versys 1000 SE LT+.

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    Go farther

    With both touring and town riding in mind, the Versys® 1000 SE LT+ motorcycle is tuned for flexibility making it just as comfortable cruising at low rpm as it is when ridden on winding roads in the mid- to high-rpm range.

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    State-of-the-Art Technology

    Key enhancements bring Kawasaki’s finest electronic management technology to the Versys® 1000 SE LT+ motorcycle, resulting in precise chassis orientation awareness that assists your ability to adapt to a wide range of street riding conditions.

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    Sleek & Comfortable

    With a design that boasts flowing body lines traceable from front to rear, the Versys® 1000 SE LT+ motorcycle’s styling highlights its fun, sporty nature while keeping rider and passenger comfort paramount.

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    Equipped for Adventure

    The Versys® 1000 SE LT+ motorcycle comes packed with premium touring features and the latest technology to give you and your passengers a convenient and comfortable ride whether you’re touring mile after mile of open road or taking on busy city streets.